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SAP Enterprise

SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning) and managing the lifecycle of products (PLM - Product Lifecycle Management) offering capacity planning and integration of world class professional services the operations, finance, product development, management of human capital and central services. The suite of applications can integrate and automate the tasks of procurement, logistics and product development functions in the processing and reporting for financial transactions.

In Networks SAP offers many advantages:
Improved productivity - By speeding up the WAN for Operations and NetWeaver application modules, workers spend less time waiting and can access information quickly.
Scalability of SOA - Companies can build a SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) while ensuring access to the latest data and improving application performance.
Financial savings on bandwidth - SAP appliances significantly reduce the use of bandwidth during operations SAP NetWeaver, enabling companies to save on the network while reducing traffic on the WAN.


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