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SAP With The DataBase MySQL

SAP says its Database Is MySQL:

German has sold the commercial rights to its open source RDBMS Swedish, and both companies are jointly preparing the next version of MySQL.
Companies MySQL AB and SAP have made public agreement technological and commercial, under which the first distribute the open source RDBMS (SAP-DB) of the second.
This alliance is significant because, remembrance of Swedish is other than the business entity associated with the community responsible for the famous database open source, and that German specialist in the software package are implemented in the world of big business.

The partnership also aims to define the collaboration of both companies around the development of next generation RDBMS MySQL, which promises to be fully interoperable with SAP. Particular, MySQL may gain the few functions that prevent some projects to use this solution: stored procedures, views, full SQL syntax, triggers ... According to an open letter to SAP developers that ultimate goal of marriage is to achieve at least 4th place DBMS the most recognized business, alongside Oracle, SQL Server, DB / 2 and Sybase.

The agreement also provides for the integration of supply SAP-DB in the family of MySQL products under a new license (GPL) and a new name (TBD), this clearly marking the shift in activity from SAP on enterprise applications such as R / 3.


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