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SAP Announces Improvements In Its Products And Attract New Customers

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services and BusinessObjects Data Federator, which are now more integrated into the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, can supply all the business processes into reliable data.

To provide organizations a reliable information base, intended for all of their key processes and decision-making, SAP AG announced enhancements to SAP software BusinessObjects Data Services and SAP BusinessObjects Data Federator, which are an integral part of SAP BusinessObjects management information.

These solutions are compatible with both environments SAP and non-SAP and SAP customers see their compatibility is strengthened through integration with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW). Whatever the underlying system, SAP provides business information whose reliability is assured, allowing them to successfully launch initiatives in areas such as decision analysis, management of customer relationship management (CRM), the Resource Planning (ERP), the chain management (SCM), migration of systems and data governance. The significant growth of its customer base and strong recognition of the sector to illustrate how the market dominance of SAP BusinessObjects Information Management gives business users the ability to have integrated data and accurate and timely.

In a world accumulating huge amounts of data and many disparate sources, it is more important than ever to rely on the accuracy and timeliness of corporate information. The growth of organizations, internal and external, has exacerbated the challenge. The SAP BusinessObjects information management continue to help companies manage this problem by enabling them to ensure the availability, integrity and transparency of all their data, regardless of their origin and format.

SAP Abandons The Classic Accommodation

The hosting business outsourcing solutions historic SAP is transferred to T-Systems. Application SaaS Business ByDesign is not affected by the operation.

T-Systems is preparing to hand over the hosting business of SAP in Europe. Subject to the approval of competition authorities, the transaction is expected to close early October 2009. The applications of nearly 90 clients, now housed at SAP, will then be transferred to plants in the SSII. The release of T-Systems does not specify if those used by SAP are concerned.

The subsidiary of leading Telecom company said that this operation is part of its building strategy around SAP environments. Recently, it has won a huge contract integration and outsourcing services for the SAP ERP supplier of Continental, and resumed business consultancy Logica's SAP in Switzerland. In contrast, SAP continues to operate the lodging its application in SaaS Business ByDesign. Internal source, the search for partners to ensure that service should not start before 2010.

Evolution Is The Vital To Succeed In Business

Why "Evolution" is therefore vital to the success of your business?

  • It effectively enhances the quality and traceability of information and greatly improve its customer support.
  • It eliminates the time wasted on repetitive data entry in several applications by centralizing the data.
  • It reduces operating costs by reducing the use of applications on the side desk and server.
  • It protects against unauthorized access through a basic structure of highly encrypted data.
  • It provides access to data in real time, online or offline, to ALL members of your teams by consolidating information in a collaborative environment safe and confidential.

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