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SAP Enterprise

SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning) and managing the lifecycle of products (PLM - Product Lifecycle Management) offering capacity planning and integration of world class professional services the operations, finance, product development, management of human capital and central services. The suite of applications can integrate and automate the tasks of procurement, logistics and product development functions in the processing and reporting for financial transactions.

In Networks SAP offers many advantages:
Improved productivity - By speeding up the WAN for Operations and NetWeaver application modules, workers spend less time waiting and can access information quickly.
Scalability of SOA - Companies can build a SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) while ensuring access to the latest data and improving application performance.
Financial savings on bandwidth - SAP appliances significantly reduce the use of bandwidth during operations SAP NetWeaver, enabling companies to save on the network while reducing traffic on the WAN.

SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver is a web application platform and open integration that companies can use to align business processes and enterprise information across all services. This platform is based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and uses open standards to allow integration of information from virtually from any source. While this solution provides a solid platform to align IT infrastructure with corporate goals, environments around the world may have poor performance over the WAN.

SAP appliances have been certified as SAP integration and can accelerate their applications running on SAP NetWeaver WAN. SAP can help companies looking to the future seeking to adopt an SOA. SAP NetWeaver actually help such companies to achieve their goal of scalability while significantly reducing the time required to perform the task of SAP.

The deployment of SAP solutions in SAP environments can cause response time of under two to ten times faster. Given that more and more SAP environments operate a web service or SOA using SAP NetWeaver, SAP NetWeaver can offer significant benefits for traffic XML, HTTP and HTTPS. SAP NetWeaver has also granted the status of SAP certified integration. SAP has integrated the their appliances in the laboratory of co-innovation (COIL) and tested the SAP technology to prove interoperability with its products.

SAP With The DataBase MySQL

SAP says its Database Is MySQL:

German has sold the commercial rights to its open source RDBMS Swedish, and both companies are jointly preparing the next version of MySQL.
Companies MySQL AB and SAP have made public agreement technological and commercial, under which the first distribute the open source RDBMS (SAP-DB) of the second.
This alliance is significant because, remembrance of Swedish is other than the business entity associated with the community responsible for the famous database open source, and that German specialist in the software package are implemented in the world of big business.

The partnership also aims to define the collaboration of both companies around the development of next generation RDBMS MySQL, which promises to be fully interoperable with SAP. Particular, MySQL may gain the few functions that prevent some projects to use this solution: stored procedures, views, full SQL syntax, triggers ... According to an open letter to SAP developers that ultimate goal of marriage is to achieve at least 4th place DBMS the most recognized business, alongside Oracle, SQL Server, DB / 2 and Sybase.

The agreement also provides for the integration of supply SAP-DB in the family of MySQL products under a new license (GPL) and a new name (TBD), this clearly marking the shift in activity from SAP on enterprise applications such as R / 3.

Client Benefits On Implementing SAP

  • Reduced system complexity SAP increased its minimum and its flexibility.
  • With maximum efficiency, to cost transparency and flexibility, operation of SAP becomes one budget-making quality.
  • The components of modern infrastructure adapted our centers Calculation guarantee operation without incidents of SAP platform.
  • In addition to high availability and low response times, they support including solutions adapted the banking and meet security requirements highest.
  • If they are SAP Service Partner and Hosting with a Customer Certified Center of Competence (CCC SAP), have access at any time of recent developments of SAP.
  • Ensuring system availability, response time and assistance consistent with Service Level Agreement.

SAP Basis

One of the biggest advantages of SAP is its adaptability and integration with other systems and software. Software BASIS is an intermediary that links a database with a system. SAP Basis Administrators configure systems during phases of facilities and improvements. The shortage of qualified personnel is growing which allows experts SAP Basis find working conditions very interesting. About SAP Basis jobs SAP BASIS jobs are becoming more common, and promise excellent opportunities. Several of its SAP jobs require candidates Polyglot. Their roles typically consist to install, troubleshoot, archive, improve system performance. The SAP Job Board offers its services to numerous companies, which need professionals to implement SAP BASIS SAP applications and support their growth.

A Simple And Powerful Solution For SMEs - SAP Business One

SAP Business One is simple, efficient and tailored to the needs of SMEs. Very economical for those who wish to take advantage of features simple and powerful and very easy to use intuitive because, SAP Business One covers the business needs of SMEs, such as accounting, finance, the maintenance of accounts, customer relationship management, the purchases and sales, logistics and tree products, and reporting.
Its advanced customization options enable it to match your actual activity. Its interface is very friendly. Not only does this solution offers quick and easy access to all information of your company, but it also provides the statements and documents necessary for taking decision at all levels. In a few clicks, you access a tool to support effective and efficient daily operations. SAP Business One is integrated with the office tools MS Excel and MS Word.

Success in SMEs:
SAP Business One includes 13 modules that extend its functionality beyond its primary administrative function, and streamline all your business processes.
These modules are:
  • Financial Accounting
  • Sales Administration
  • CRM
  • Purchases
  • Partners
  • Banking
  • Inventory Management
  • Final assembly
  • Work flow
  • Management Control and Management Project
  • Reporting Dashboards
  • Service management and service
  • Personnel Administration

SAP Business One Functionalities

SAP Business One, officers and employees have greater access and faster to accurate and timely information, enabling them to make decisions better founded. With all the functions of SAP Business One, you have all the tools needed to manage a business without worry prosperous and thriving.
Sales and profitability improved:
  • Integrated management of customer relations
  • Management opportunities and after-sales service
  • Monitoring the performance
  • The management of orders
Better steering for better decide:
  • Complete reporting Easy access to data
  • A comprehensive system of financial
  • management and inventory management
  • Multiple analysis tools

Business One Advantages

Improvement of profitability: SAP Business One is definitely the solution that best suits your business. Allowing employees, customers and business partners to participate in management, high performance solution that ensures your company a controlled expansion and improved financial results.

Your SME can draw the following benefits:
  • Increased productivity
  • Decisions faster and more robust
  • Expandability unprecedented
  • International dimension
  • Controlling costs
  • Development of turnover
  • Client Orientation.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is simple, efficient and tailored to the needs of small and medium enterprises. Very economical for those who want to enjoy simple and powerful functionality, SAP Business One offers a comprehensive suite of management functions: Accounting, Purchasing, Sales Administration, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Production Management and Reporting.
Ready to use and quick to implement SAP Business One meets your immediate needs and future growth in your business. The return on investment is faster than traditional solutions tailored to perform only a single task. For better communication between all departments of the company and while controlling the internal resources, our customers enjoy a high level of service. This is the true value of an ERP such as SAP Business One.

SAP Offers Operational Needs Of Business

SAP offers comprehensive solutions to meet the operational needs of business. SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP PLM, SAP SCM, SAP SRM, SAP Analytics, SAP Manufacturing, SAP Service and Asset Management, SAP solutions for mobile business, SAP xApps. These applications are supported by the SAP integration platform that provides an open architecture, scalable, which allows you to easily integrate your SAP applications and non-SAP applications.

ERP Technology

The ERP's most comprehensive market associated with a technology platform open and flexible, able to use SAP systems and non-SAP. It allows the company to increase productivity, improve its business sector and accelerate the implementation of its strategies. SAP ERP offers functionality in the self-services, analytics, finance, human capital management, operations management and corporate department.
  • SAP ERP Financials for financial management.
  • SAP ERP Human Capital Management for the management of human capital.
  • SAP ERP Operations for operations management.
  • SAP ERP Corporate Services for corporate departments.

Segments Of Technology

Investing segments of technology:
The Technology division develops around the mastery of advanced technology segments, selected in line with the needs and recommendations of the poles and Marketing Services.
These technological segments are:
  • Business Intelligence: Data warehouse and decision-making CRM SFA, EMA, CTI, IVR ...
  • Services Architecture: EAI, SOA, BPM, MDM ...
  • Based Systems of Rules: BRMS, etc.,
  • ERP: SAP, Microsoft ...
  • E-Business: Internet and Intranet site.
  • Verticals: software and industry expertise, management projects.

CRM - Business Intelligence

As part of its mission specialist on the Business Intelligence, CRM and E-Business, Soft Computing achieves 64% of its activity in the design and implementation of Information Systems. Almost two thirds of turnover in the design and implementation of Information Systems.
The technology center is organized around two sets: Centers Sector Profits and Technological Centers of Excellence. Both groups work closely on all levels likely sharing resources, sharing of training methods and technical means, in consultation guidelines technological synergies.


The world leader in business software, SAP offers a comprehensive range of enterprise applications and business solutions to meet your needs in terms of business management. The SAP software highlight the sources of improvement in your business and allow you to transform them into competitive advantage. Finally, the SAP solutions give you the ability to anticipate to identify new opportunities and the agility to enroll in a process of continuous improvement, the features needed to optimize your daily operations, and the ways you can extend your best management practices beyond your enterprise, across your entire value chain.

SAP NetWeaver Portal

SAP NetWeaver Portal collects, processes and applications important to enable users to access specific role and central to all information and all relevant services. All information in one glance, centralized access to all enterprise applications. Thus NetWeaver contributes significantly to increase efficiency and productivity across the enterprise as a whole.

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