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The evaluation of the offer SAP maintenance:

Seven members of the French association of SAP users, USF, now participate in the evaluation system of Enterprise Support, provision of maintenance of SAP controversial. Among the participants hexagonal include Aelia, Air France and Fromageries BEL. Overall, this evaluation program covers 43 European companies. According to SAP and USF, the evaluation of the Enterprise Support offering will be based on 11 performance indicators obtained through the monitoring tool Solution Manager, which will serve as a platform for action. In a statement, USF said that these indicators relate, first, the level of CPU usage and performance of storage. "Then the response time and continuity of service. " The implementation of this program evaluation is accepted by counterparties pursuant to the SAP user companies sling after the announcement of a 30% increase in maintenance charges. Increase the publisher has agreed to extend until 2015.


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