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SAP Integration Is Made Easy Using SAS

All users of SAP ERP, and the platform SAP NetWeaver in particular, can therefore rely on business intelligence solutions from SAS to make their data not only SAP but also other data sources (software, legacy applications ,...). SAS (R) 9.1 also offers advanced analytic functions (statistics, data mining and forecasting) and allows to retrieve very large volumes of data efficiently. In addition, SAS (R) 9.1 includes features extensive processing of data quality, including real-time, thanks to its offer SAS (R) Data Quality Solution.

This close integration is possible through access solutions available with the SAP platform SAS (R). On the one hand, SAS (R) Data Surveyor for SAP provides access to all data from SAP. On the other hand, the five options, the SAS (R) Solutions Adapters allow trades SAS solutions to access data in SAP préparamétrée: SAS (R) Human Capital Management for management of human resources, SAS (R ) Finance Management) for the financial reporting, SAS (R) Activity Based Costing / Activity Based Management for piloting activities, SAS (R) Supplier Relationship Management for managing the procurement function, SAS (R) Information Technology Management for information technology.

All these offerings based on SAP and protocols comply with the safety standards of access for SAP.

About SAS www.sas.com / canada

SAS is the leading global decision support with a turnover of 1.68 billion dollars in 2005. SAS is the only publisher in the market which offers a platform for business decision-making open and integrated.

SAS solutions cover all activities of the company: human resources, finance, marketing, sales, purchasing, risk management of information systems. Beyond functional issues, they respond to specific business sectors such as telecommunications, distribution, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, public sector services. They help to optimize the organization and costs, income growth and help to implement an effective performance management of the company.


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