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SAP Attack SaaS

A provider of accounting software online, has refuted claims the CEO of SAP, the software online is "more expensive and risky" than traditional desktop software.

SAP is a leading global provider of management software. End of last year, it began testing its own products "SaaS Business by Design ", but they found it difficult to migrate its existing portfolio in SaaS and could not find the right format to make it profitable.

Mark Davies, Director of e-ECONOMIC said: I am perplexed by comments from SAP. SAP has obviously thought it was desirable to get involved in SaaS, yet less than a year later, they began to complain. If experiencing difficulties in implementing its business model to SaaS, is one thing, but to absorb the entire principle of SaaS is misleading to consumers and patently false!.

According to Gartner, more than one third of all software will be delivered by SaaS within 3 years and a recent McKinsey report said that 61% of CIOs considering SaaS. The service charge is SAP raise 30% last year. In a recession, companies will seek to reduce costs and increase efficiency in every way possible, and the costs and benefits of SaaS are difficult to deny. Based on comparisons of prices of a number of major suppliers of traditional accounting software, small businesses can save an average of up to 59% on the cost basis of accounting software using an online solution instead of traditional software.


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