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The SaaS Model Requires A Specific Platform To Exist

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This is a technology of providing services or software through the Web rather than through a desktop application or client-server. The SaaS concept, emerged in the early 2000s, is promoted to take the place of the Application Service Provider (ASP).

At one time it was thought that a software package integrated with a monolithic view, will meet the needs of the business, and now the leaders of the ERP SAP to Oracle through Miscrosoft we "cram" lectures on the virtues of SaaS, or even launch offers "real" in this model (SAP, ...).

SaaS will offer us a new generation of software, modular and flexible, organized into reusable business services, configurable, accessible via the Web (or simply via the corporate network), while respecting the contract a SLA and QoS. According to the report, emerging platform wars in enterprise software, market size for SaaS could reach 37 Billion dollars over the next 5 years.

The move towards SaaS, according to the report it is unavoidable, the movement is initiated, the race between publishers is launched, is to know (the evil one who can guess ...) how long will it take to settle in scheme Standing and the list of "lucky survivors", and the pretender to the throne. SaaS has significant impact on software vendors, who have a "launch window" limited their offers to migrate to a SaaS model or risk being wiped out by competition from new entrants.

"The road to SaaS", it recalls the ads at the time of passage of the mainframe to client / server two-tier, or the long transition from client / server to n-tier architectures, whether rich client or light, long before the advent of AJAX and mashups then, what will that characterizes this "new version of Paradigm Shift".


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