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SAP Business Objects Aims To Revolutionize The Business Intelligence

SAP has announced a new tool that will "revolutionize" Business Intelligence and therefore how to consult and work with data. Finding of SAP is that current tools may be a bit too sharp for some users and for others not enough time. With SAP BusinessObjects Explorer you can view your data at the speed of your thinking (Delivers Insight at the Speed of Thought).

On the video of the annual conference "Saphire 09" demo to explore is presented (going in the 24th minute). Navigation is really different from a normal BO. The user parameter over his pictures or graphics it just goes on Explorer and click on headings, graphic objects and updates itself. We are in a consultation tour of the data with some latitude but always within a defined framework.

The benefits highlighted are speed and ease of use (it's true that it has no complicated area) for the end user. In addition you will also have an iPhone application available for access your data anywhere.

When I see that I can not help but say that is better for the user but at the setting there must be a job. He must think the analysis and data in early to ensure optimum utilization and ensure good service. Also with this tool what about further analysis that are needed some time to study a situation and bring a new light. Unless explore really can do what I do not know (which I doubt) it would end up with users to master BO and BO Explorer and other using only BO Explorer.


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