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PLM Places A Major Role In ERP Product

The tendency to incorporate a brick PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) in ERP solution is strong. Customers have realized the importance of complementary applications in their information system and the benefits of a link with data and documents generated in the study phases such as with CAD.

The multitude of data and documents that circulate within the company, Maybe Word and Excel documents, PDFs, emails, reports or report must be structured in a single repository, secure and shared so provide access to good information in minimum time. The traceability of information and compliance documentation processes are crucial for developing its know-how and markets.

What does a PLM solution to ERP users?
  • A complete PLM solution with functions of GOL, PDM, workflow, document management projects, ...
  • A single document repository associated with the items and classifications
  • The integration between Design Chain and Supply Chain
  • Removing duplicates and multiple arrest of technical data
  • The possible access to documents directly from the card section of the ERP
  • The collaboration between technical teams
  • Traceability and secure access to all data and documents
  • Recovery data directly from CAD to ERP
  • The accelerated process for managing changes (ECO, ECR, ECN)
  • Automatic generation of technical documents, records, Ranges, Etc. ...


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