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SaaS Has Attracted 61% Of Companies

SaaS means Software as a Service. The software is online and the customer pays according to its use. The SaaS software are often (not always) cheaper. In times of crisis, they turn out to release because of low cost. Also in times of crisis, companies are not likely to make wholesale changes in their management systems. It will therefore opinion for small changes in the application of media applications such as human resource management and customer relationship management. Places where you can have a return on investment (ROI).

Apart from my part, I deal almost exclusively with small businesses. Their goals to improve very significantly the business processes in very cheap.

It is true that the ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning are more complex. By cons, for SMEs, development of such customized applications can be very profitable. When one focuses on what a company really needs and that we want to develop an application that will fully support optimal processes, technology, SaaS or Cloud Computing can make miracles.


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