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BusinessObjects Explorer

Business Objects Explorer allows you to search a data set through a search engine and lists.

There are now two versions: the version associated with the BI-Accelerator, which enables to store data BW InfoCubes to be accessed instantly. And the integrated version to BusinessObjects Enterprise, the BO server, based on the structure, data and permissions universe.

There is also another version called "on-demand", accessible by Internet at https://create.ondemand.com/ explorer who offers particular interest to test the solution free service. The data selected will automatically appear in a format pre-defined and somewhat customizable graph and table.
A new analysis approach:
The planned integration with data lists in ALV (ABAP List Viewer), well known among users of SAP GUI will also undertake analysis and research so friendly on the selected data. This has also merged the interests of ERP and BI tools. Thus, this solution corresponds to a true vision from the editor - a research tool and standard analysis of relevant information for all users.


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