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SAP offers through the SAP NetWeaver platform all the components necessary to build a Web application and its exposure mode Intranet or Internet. SAP provides various tools for developing user interface WEB application.
  • Web Dynpro - ABAP: Web Dynpro proposes a model of modeling language (metamodel) for the uniform construction of all user interface that accelerates development. Web Dynpro strictly separates the presentation layer and business data (MVC). SAP Web Dynpro technology communicates with Adobe Flex / Flash and allows the construction of interfaces 2.0.

  • Web Dynpro - JAVA: The major differences with the version of ABAP, The development environment is not the same one side Java based on NWDI and NWDS unlike the WD ABAP it is via the SE80, Access to data is native.

  • VISUAL COMPOSER: Visual Composer allows you to compose applications without requiring to code. Ergonomics is based on standard flash libraries. The possibilities of implementations are limited to the models provided by SAP.

  • BSP - HTMLB: This technology combines the ABAP programming languages, HTML and javascript. It is very open and allows all the creative liberties on SAP WebAS. It is possible to develop using the MVC but not an obligation. The technology exists on installer's. It is to recommend for further development of a Web application on SAP.


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