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Scope & Limits of BusinessObjects Explorer

The first is that the version in-memory is based on data from BW, which is not surprising since BW DataWarehouse is traditional and highly popular of SAP customers. SAP provides end-year to extend the BI Accelerator, all databases. Business Objects (BO) Enterprise version has a broader base, but still limited to structured data in the form of universe.

The second lies in the simplicity of the tool. By simple, we obviously do not meet all the needs of users, including formatting and navigation. These are covered by other solutions (including Xcelcius and Webi in BO solutions or WAD and Bex for BW). Users will be annoyed to have to change the solution according to their need.

Finally, the very process of analysis by search engine can have drawbacks, because it means that we know in advance where the information will take the relevant decision. This is often the case, and we need to do is a detailed state of emergency (reporting officer) or a state comprehensive and highly structured, is a real engine of decision support that connects several objects according to rules of business management.

In conclusion, BusinessObjects Explorer brings real changes in research decision-making information. However, if it allows quick access to accurate quantitative information, it must be supplemented by statements or navigational charts, according to the needs and profile of users. It will be interesting to see how users will adopt this solution and how it will evolve over the integration of SAP and Business Objects tools.


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