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Effects Of RoadMap In BI

Effects of RoadMap and Perspectives:

A relational database management system is that the Roadmap contains the promise of long stability and charge for the basic package, which tends to appeal to some CIOs who know the charge related to media packages and upgrades.
In addition, developers of Business Explorer had made a powerful solution regarding such structures queries or navigation integrated into Excel. Business One has nevertheless a clear superiority in particular for formatting or autonomy of users.
The SAP will promote solutions BO (Business One) is therefore facing a Business Explorer widely used and offering good value for money and a lack of evolution finally over perceived as a guarantee of stability.
This vision is well understood in the short term, as between a solution but kept frozen and other evolving and incorporating features requested, we can easily imagine that the second will win eventually.
The influence of the editor in search of growth and integrators looking for opportunities is obvious. But the current betting is that SAP user influence in demand for autonomy and tools easy to use (and somewhat concerned by the issues of integration, platform or upgrade), will become predominant in choice of solutions.


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