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A Logical Extension Of Business In SAP

There are to date more than 400 applications developed for Business One partners, argues Luis Murguia, senior vice president of SAP for Europe. Since the advanced warehouse management to enterprise resource planning to farm salmon, from the rum distillery, the most diverse solutions have emerged about Business One. There on the market today to a war between ecosystems. And it is he who will have the expertise to win this war. This ecosystem, SAP will attempt to recreate in its cloud offering.

Few details have filtered to date on the Saas platform and development environment that will provide SAP partners. We are currently experimenting C # Ruby but no decision has been taken on the language to be supported. It will be anyway a scripting language. This added that the aspect of business data, the object model is in line with the work of UN/CEFACT in which SAP is involved.

Like Apple's App Store, SAP will resigns supreme on the marketplace and decide who has the right to commercialize an application and can not do?
It is a volume market. All publishers can publish their applications on our marketplace. There will be no exclusive to anyone. The only constraints are the rules of implementation that we set. For applications running on our platform, we must learn how the software is built and ensure its quality. Similarly, if an editor extends the original data model of ERP, it must develop the game of Web Services that will be necessary to access and manipulate this data.


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