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SAP Web Applications Runs

Once the applications are built, it is possible to execute in the SAP Portal which particularly in management of business roles and access rights. It is also possible to run the Web Dynpro in on-line mode on mobile. To migrate an interface "PC" to interface "Mobile", it should only adjust the interface.

Some things to remember about the architecture development NWDI (Netweaver Development Infrastructure). It built around several components:
  • CBS - (This is the part that will build your archive)
  • CMS - (This is the part that will transport components of your environment to another)
  • DTR - (Which is the repository will store your developments and manage the version)
  • LTC - (It is here that you will define your configuration and WAS systems, use ECC)
NWDS (Netweaver Development Studio): This is the development environment, it is actually an eclipse of SAP, i.e., it incorporates all IDEs necessary for the proper development of WD's.


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