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Trends In The Evolution Of Business Intelligence

First, publishers trend to provide users with greater autonomy. From a DataWarehouse structured, each user must construct its statements independently. This concerns the reporting and additional applications such as budgeting. This trend is not without risk (inconsistent statements, management of entitlements, performance, no "single vision of truth" ...) but meets a real need from users.

Then, business intelligence has long been isolated from other applications because it was using specific tools. The user prefers yet have access to only one application giving everything, be it ERP, Mails, BI, etc.. These include that the proposed SOA including Visual Composer, a development tool (included in NetWeaver) that allows to build composite web applications. Thus, a user can fully analyze data from BW, place an order, read their emails and follow a work flow within a single page. Each page element is interacting with others.
Other trends include a special performance optimization of restitution by storing data from Data Warehouse (BI-Accelerator, BusinessObjects Explorer), the application of BI to non-quantitative data (social networks analysis text search on documents, etc.) and the arrival of BI solutions as SaaS (Software As A Service On-Demand, etc.).

Finally, we observe growing importance of the dimension "trade" in the draft decision. This was illustrated by the purchase of BO by SAP, and Hyperion by Oracle.


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