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The Future Of Business Intelligence

The needs for business to know their environment and to identify opportunities and risks has given rise to practices of economic intelligence. Analyze the legal, fiscal, geopolitical, financial and especially trading is widespread. Now it combines the concept of risk management, which is a natural extension.

Business intelligence is a simplified yet vital economic intelligence. It is to monitor the performance of business processes, and compare them to the market (benchmark) and predetermined objectives (budget). For example, we wish to know the growth of a market segment and compare it to competitors.

Often there is confusion between the practices and objectives of business intelligence and tools to implement to achieve this. Indeed, monitor performance requires first to be able to collect raw data, wherever they are, and present them to users in the form that suits them to the best. The business intelligence tools fulfill this task, and there are usually three levels:
  • Data collection and processing into usable information is provided by ETL (extraction, transformation, loading).
  • Storage and modeling in a form compatible with the tools of recovery are provided by the DataWarehouse
  • The return on the screen of the user reporting tools - dashboards, analysis in Excel or in Web reports in a list, etc.
BI solution without the need for analysis is covered by static states reporting to the ERP or by statements prepared manually in Excel, which have many disadvantages (preparation time, errors, cumbersome files, no sharing, no access self-service, etc.).

Business Intelligence is booming is because companies have realized the need to provide all the latest information and more personalized as possible. Knowledge of information is a condition of performance and survival in a complex and highly competitive.


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