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Features Of Xcelsius

Among the different ways of information, the dashboards are a priori more obvious and simple. These indicators represent the key graphs and tables. The most common tool to do this is Excel, which provides flexibility of implementation but prohibits implementation in a complex environment, and automatically shared.

Xcelsius is the leading tool for SAP Business Objects to do so. It is not only the range, but it is presented by SAP as one whose possibilities will be developed in the future. The feature of Xcelsius is that it was originally created to allow a graphical representation of the modeled data in an Excel spreadsheet. Its name comes from the integration between Excel and return chart.

Main Features of Xcelsius in version XI R3:
  • The data used by the graphics are ultimately stored in an Excel integrated, which allows great flexibility, modeling of complex calculations and powerful interactions with the user.
  • This is an open solution that can be supplied by several sources, such as the universe via LiveOffice or web services.
  • It can be used standalone or with a BOE server (for access via the portal Infoview).
  • The result is represented by a Flash file that contains the objects, connections, modeling, Excel, etc.. This file is portable and can be integrated both into a ppt presentation on a html page.
  • The dashboard can be composed of many elements interacting with each other, and which may set the behavioral format .. (lists, buttons, tables, etc., etc.).
  • Rendering in flash is very good and allows for example animations, interactions, selections, etc..
  • Creating a dashboard is made by KeyUsers and not by users themselves.


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