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Integration Into SAP Portal

The Integration Kit provides a planned iView to display content BOE. It is easy to embed Crystal Reports, Travel, Web Intelligence and Xcelsius. Simply choose the iView "Standard BusinessObjects Enterprise Report" and the ID information of the BOE report.

The integration kit can also enrich the Knowledge Management Portal SAP. A new menu bar is been added and allows the creation of new documents Voyager, Web Intelligence, or even display MyInfoview as would a user from the portal Infoview BOE.

This feature facilitates the centralized management of security. Portal Business Objects Enterprise important roles and users of SAP. Upon connection, BOE check authorizations in the SAP system to allow access to the user reporting.
This does not set the proper permissions to BOE, but to leave the SAP server to verify the existence of the user.
The SAP Integration Kit has been developed by Business Objects before its acquisition by SAP. The aim was to give the possibility to use the BW data in each tool. As you can see, the solution depends on the tool (through the universe generated from a query Bex, by direct use of query Bex by webservice, etc.). The future of SAP's flagship tool in multivariate analysis. Scheduled for 2010, this tool based on a combination of Voyager (analysis mode Web BO) and Bex Analyzer (Excel analysis of SAP) and can directly read a cube SAP BI or any other non-SAP data.


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